My clients have been accepted to top schools including:

Stanford, Cornell, Princeton, Columbia, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, Georgia Tech, NYU, Carnegie Mellon, and more!


What previous clients have had to say…

“Prior to working with Jane, I was terrified of the common apps essay. I was clueless on how to approach it or let alone write it. Through her efficient and brilliant tips, I was able to get great ideas and write an essay that I felt confident about. Her feedbacks were great, and it served as guidelines for me to complete my essay.” – Z.K

“Jane helped me edit my Master of Arts graduate thesis and I couldn’t have done it without her! My English is fine for an ESL speaker but Jane pushed my thesis to a whole different level! Her advice was very constructive and inspiring. She not only helped with my writing skills, her questions helped me clarify my thoughts and thinking, which contributed to a much stronger thesis! I was especially impressed that Jane’s coaching skills go beyond her education and professional background; my thesis was very much focused on the arts, with many industry-specific language, but that didn’t stop Jane at all! I ended up feeling very proud of my thesis and much more confident with my writing. I’ve learned a lot through this editing process with Jane and 100% recommend her to anyone.” – Master of Arts Graduate, Columbia University

“Jane offered amazing guidance and suggestions for my essays regarding both structure and content. She also provided very useful background information and helped direct my focus on my essay topics. Jane also provided quality honest criticism that was very helpful and efficient. She was also always available, even during Winter break and even New Years Eve! I really enjoyed working with her and I would highly recommend requesting her assistance.” – J.B

“Jane was essential in bringing together various ideas I had into a cohesive narrative that told the story of my previous experiences and my future goals. The process was as effortless as it could’ve been–answering some of her questions, following her directions and recommendations, and finally, honing in on the finer details resulted in a personal statement that reflects that hard work I put in during medical school. She does excellent work and she was professional with her promptness, honest but productive critique, and open communication. So thankful to have found and used this service! – L.S.

“Before working with Jane, I felt uneasy that my essays weren’t coming together. My parents and I were worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish my essays in time. I’m not a very good writer either so I was nervous about grammar, sentence structure, whether or not I was answering the question. Before Jane, I asked other people from my school and peers to give me feedback. However, I didn’t feel like it was helping me. After working with Jane, I feel much better and I feel very confident about my essays. She gives you very direct feedback on how to improve your essay and how you should change things around.” – S.L

“Writing has never been a strength of mine, so when I had to write admissions essays for college, I sought out help from several tutors. Out of all the people who helped me with my writing, Jane stood out. Not only was she extremely helpful with grammar and structure, she helped me to become more creative and expressive with my writing. My favorite parts about working with Jane were how patient she was with me and her positive, encouraging attitude. Jane is a phenomenal teacher and I would not hesitate to reach out to her again for help!” -M.K

I was just about to finish my college essay, but wasn’t very proud of it. I had many ideas and experiences written down, but I felt like it just wasn’t good enough. However, after sending my essay to Jane and getting some feedback, I was able to make significant changes to my essay and bring all my ideas into a coherent manner. After reading my finished essay, I was very proud of its outcome and a big part of that was the comments that Jane had given me. Additionally, Jane has helped me with my college supplements and similarly, I feel much more confident in my writing.  – E.C

“I never thought I would feel so confident submitting essays for medical school applications. Jane provided strong feedback and guidance from start to finish and I couldn’t be more grateful. She helped with all aspects of the essay from sentence structure to reorganizing my ideas. I have become more confident when approaching these essays and I have Jane to thank!” -S.C.

“The idea of fundraising has always made me feel anxious and unsure. Jane walked along side of me– encouraging and assisting me…Without her, I truly do not think the funds I needed in order to stay in Uganda an additional year, would have been supplied. But with Jane…fundraising was joyful and not stressful at all. Forever grateful for Jane’s expertise and willingness to help and critique my writing. She has an incredible gift and I highly recommend her for any writing assistance.” – M.L

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